Motivations to consume agroecological food: An analysis of farmers’ markets in Quito, Ecuador

Cristian Vasco, Carolina Sánchez, Karina Limaico, Víctor Hugo Abril


This paper examines the motivations to consume agroecological foods in Quito, Ecuador. Using data from a survey (n = 254) conducted among the customers of farmers’ markets, the results reveal that agroecological consumers are substantially different from the rest of the population in terms of education, income and life style. The perceived healthiness of agroecological food is by far the main motivation to buy at farmers’ markets, with environmental concern as the least important motivation. In terms of who spends the most on agroecological produce, the results of a multilevel regression model indicate that these are single, educated, wealthy individuals who exercise regularly and are part of a social/environmental organisation. These results reflect that agroecological produce is mainly consumed by a segment of wealthy and educated individuals who are not really concerned of the positive effects for the environment that agroecological production involves, so that, additional efforts are needed to make agroecological food accessible to the general population.


agroecological food, farmers’ markets, motivations, expenditure, Quito

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