Layer Farms in The West Bank

Jamal M. Abo Omar


There was an important increase of the number of laying hen farms in the West Bank. In the last decade, the number of laying hens has become seven times as much, and consequently, egg production sector increased its contribution in total  animal production sector. Specifically, in 1982, egg production contributed  (9.5%) of total poultry production (2.4%) of the total animal production and (1%)  of total agriculture value. Whereas, in 1990 these percentages expanded to respectively, (37%), (9%) and (4%).  In the last four years several factors started to affect farms of laying hens.  This study gives a systematic investigation of the process achieved through our product enlargement, obstacles faced this progress and then puts a future plan to improve these projects together with recommendations which may help overcome difficulties related to local egg production.

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