Effect of Split Fertilizer Application on Growth and Yield of False-Horn Plantains (Musa spp.) in the Rain Forest Belt of Nigeria

T.O.C. Ndubizu


The Same quantities of mixed fertilizer N, P, K, Mg were applied to plantains by four different treatments. In the first treatment, plant received all the fertilizer in one application at planting. In another treatment, fertilizer was applied all in one dose at 3 months after planting. The other two treatments consisted of split application given in tvo or three equal dressings. Growth analysis showed that the split application of fertilizer resulted in significantly better early growth which did not persist until maturity. However, the plants which received fertilizer in three equal dressings flowered and fruited 3 months earlier than those that received their fertilizer in one application. There were no statistical differences in yields of fruits between the four methods of fertilizer application in the plant crop. In the ratoon crops however, split application resulted in higher yields. Overall yield increases due to split fertilizer .application were 15-20% higher than in the non-split treatments during a period of 4-5 years.

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