Host Preference and Seasonal Variation of Tick (Amblyomma cohaerens Donitz, 1909) on Naturally Infested Cattle in Jimma Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia

Abebaw Gashaw


The seasonal dynamics of tick Amblyomma cohaerens on naturally infested cattle in Jimma Zone was studied from September 1998 to September 2000 using fifty cattles in five Localities. Monthly tick counts were made for two consecutive years. Although, Amblyomma cohaerens infestation occurred throughout the year, it was greater at the beginning and end of the rainy season. High humidity and temperature were the factors that influence the seasonal variation.Th e study on the host preference of different blood groups showed that host selection and specificity correlate with the abundance and distribution of the tick. These have been reflected by the presence of more tick in highbred cattle than the indigenous Zebu.


Amblyomma cohaerens; breed preference; cattle tick; Ethiopia; seasonal variation

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