Factors Influencing Irrigation Technology Adoption and its Impact on Household Poverty in Ghana

Adetola I. Adeoti


The treadle pump technology was promoted and disseminated as an alternative to traditional rope and bucket for irrigation in Ghana by the International Non-Governmental Organization, Enterprise Works. The aim is to improve output, increase incomes and consequently reduce poverty among farm households. The paper employed the Heckman two-stage and the Ordinary Least Square procedures to identify the factors that influence adoption of the technology and the impact of adoption on the poverty status of farm households. Farm and household level data were obtained from 108 farmers consisting of 52 adopters and 58 non-adopters. The results demonstrated that availability of labor and increases in number of extension visits per year are factors that increase the probability of adoption. The results also showed that increase in irrigated area has the highest impact on poverty followed by adoption of treadle pump and literacy level of farmers.


irrigation technology; treadle pump adoption; poverty; Ghana

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