Threatened and Rare Ornamental Plants

Korous Khoshbakht, Karl Hammer


The application of IUCN criteria and Red List Categories was done for ornamental plants. Main sources of the study were Glen’s book, Cultivated Plants of Southern Africa (Glen, 2002) and the Red List of Threatened Plants, IUCN (2001). About 500 threatened ornamental plants could be found and presented in respective lists. Rare ornamental plants with 209 species is the largest group followed by Vulnerable (147), Endangered (92), Indeterminate (37), Extinct (6) and finally Extinct/Endangered groups with 2 species. A weak positive correlation (r = +0.36 ) was found between the number of threatened species and the number of threatened ornamental species within the families.


ornamental plants; IUCN criteria; red list

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