The Trainee Programme for Agricultural Graduates from Morocco

Eckhard Baum


Since 1986 over 100 graduates from Agricultural Universities and Technical Schools  of Morocco have received practical training directed by the German Institute for  Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture (DITSL), Witzenhausen. The Programme has been launched by the Food and Agriculture Centre of the German Foundation for  International Development with the aim of training practically skilled farm managers  who are capable of being trainers of professional staff required in the agricultural  production sector. Since 1990 the programme has been incorporated into a bilateral aid project of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation with the objective of  establishing a dual system of education for the agricultural sector in Morocco.
The 18-months programme comprises, after 4 months of language training. a period of  12 months active participation on a Gemian family-type farm or horticultural enterprise. This phase is complemented by a series of intensive subject matter seminars along  with the vegetation period. With respect to the project purpose achievements became visible in 1992 when the first group of agricultural students received their practical training on a commercial farm run by a group of returnees and more former participants were in the process of opening up their farms. The acquired skills and high motivation of the new farm managers will result in a lasting effect. However it is also apparent from the time span between the start of activities and first achievements that sustainability requires a  maturing process which has to be considered in programme planning.

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