Radiation Sensitivity of two Ginger Varieties (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) to Gamma Irradiation

E.C. Nwachukwu, L.S.O. Ene, E.N.A. Mbanaso


The mutability and radiosensitivity of two local ginger varieties in Nigeria "Tafin  Giwa" (UG 1) and "Yatsun Biri" (UG 2) were studied using gamma rays from a 60Co  gamma source. There was a high frequency of chlorophyll mutations indicating a high  mutability in ginger. GR 50 was obtained at 5.0 and 6.0 Gy in UG1, and UG2,  respectively, while LD50 was obtained at 8.75 Gy in both varieties. The dose limitation range for ginger was estimated to be 5.0-9.0 Gy.

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