Pre- and post-partum levels of serum progesterone and oestradiol-17β in Aardi goat

M.S. Salah


Progesterone and oestradiol-17β-concentrations were measured in the senim of 19  Aardi goats during the last month of pregnancy and the first 3 weeks postpartum.  Serum progesterone concentrations (4.97-6.42 ng/ml) were mostly high before declining 1-2 days prepartum to reach very low levels (0.16-0.35 ng/ml) early postpartum. Serum oestradiol-17β level increased progressively during late gestation to reach maximum values on the day of kidding (522-636 pg/ml) and declined rapidly within the next 2 days very low values (32-36) pg/ml). Litter size did not change significantly the  pattern of progesterone levels, but affected significantly the values of oestradiol, with higher values for goats carrying twins.

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