Slaughterhouse survey for antibodies against selected viruses in ruminant sera in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

S.S. Baba, A.G. Bobbo, M.B. Akoma, T.I. Osiyemi


100 animals each of cattle, sheep, and goats from the municipal slaughterhouse at Maiduguri were tested by the complement fixation method for the presence of antibodies against 3 virus antigens: bovine rota virus (BRV), bovine corona virus (BCV), and bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV). 46 (15.3%) of all sera tested contained antibodies against 1 or more virus antigens. The prevalence rate was highest in cattle (27%), among which the BCV and BVDV reactions were significantly higher than  those of BRV. Sheep and goat sera did not exhibit any such differences. The sex of the animals had no relation to the prevalence of the reactions, except for sheep, where the  ewes had a significantly higher prevalence rate. The infection rate found in the ruminant species tested is relevant for the Public Health Service as well as for the Veterinary Science in Nigeria.

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