Number of coitus, luteinizing hormone and reproductive performance relationships in doe rabbits

A.A. El-Darawany, A. Slam


The study was carried out on 50 does of Bauscat rabbits in three groups. Luteimzing  hormone (LH) reached peak level at 90 minutes after the first coitus in group I (having one coitus only), group 2 (having two coitus one hour apart) as well as group 3 (having two coitus two hours apart). However, LH peak level returned at 90 minutes afler the second coitus in group 2 only. Therefore, the ovulation rate (O.R.) was significantly higher in group 2 than in other groups. The highest conception rate was found in group 2, then followed groups 3 and 1 respectively. The mean litter size and litter weight were significantly higher in group 2 than other groups.

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