About Food Bans and Taboos on Poultry Products in Senegal

El-Hadji Fallou Guéye, Werner Bessei


The consumption of poultry products in Senegal and other West-African countries is subject to various psychological and social ‘food bans’ or ‘taboos’. These taboos are mostly based on the local customs and natural religions. They prohibit the consumption of poultry products for certain social groups either temporarily or totally. The bans mainly concern women and children which have the highest demand of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Hence they can prevent adequate supply of essential nutrients to the most vulnerable groups of the rural population. Since the taboos are rooted in the local traditions it cannot be expected that their influence in rural areas in West Africa will disappear within the near  future. Therefore it is essential that these taboos are recognised and considered in  planning of poultry development projects.

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