The Effect of Feed Supply on the Fertility of female Nili-Ravi-Buffalo in the Punjab of Pakistan

Udo ter Meulen, G. Nothelle


In the present work we intend to investigate the extent to which the current feeding  situation affects the fertility of female Nili-Ravi-buffaloes in selected farms of the  Punjab province in Pakistan. - Part [II of this study is concerned with supply and requi-  rements of some minerals (Ca, P, Mg) in the survey area. The following results are  reported: the supply of calcium is fluctuating; whereas in May the highest amount of  calcium (9l g per animal and day) is supplied in the feed, the amounts supplied in August (27g) and September (29g) are extremely low and are far below the calculated  requirement of 78 g Cal 500 kg buffalo (VE) and day. The supply of phosphorus over  the whole year is very low and does not reach, in many month of the year. 50% of the  calculated requirement of 44.6 g / VE and day. The C/P-ratio, the optimum of which  should be 2:1, considerably fluctuates over the year. The ratio in April (5.8:l) is extre-  mely wide and in August (1.621) the ratio is relatively narrow. On the other hand the  supply of magnesium over the whole year is in excess. The calculated requirement of  magnesium is 20.0 g Mg/VE and day and the amounts fed lie between 86g in October and 46g in February.

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