Mechanization's Contribution to High Level Sustainable Production - from Tillage to Mechanical Weed Control.

Rüdiger Krause


Sustainability in agricultural production is not necessarily the consequence of the leve1 of production intensity. Of major importance beside sociological and economical aspects - is the productivity of the soil and this means the continuity of soil functions where are mainly determined by the organic matter content and on the cycles of nutrients and water.
Modern technology, alongside traditional tools and implements, offers a wide range of equipment for the different field operations with increasing precision. An important aspect is the sensitive and situation appropriate selection and utilization of farm machinery to improve the input/output relation, to save energy and resources, to reduce the use of chemicals by either substituting them or by demand and target orientated application and to control and reduce negative side effects, aiming at our common target: Sustainability at a high level of productivity.

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