Crossbreeding Trials with Boer Goats in Sri Lanka: Effects on the Birth Weights of Kids

A.S. Premasundeba, V. Ravindran, G.P.L. De Silva, S. Jeyalingavatkani


Records of 2644 kids born between 1983 and 1990 from a crossbreeding programme involving Boer, Jamnapari and Kottukachchiya breeds were analyzed to study the effects of breed types, sex and month of birth on the birth weight of goats. Average birth weights of Boer, Jamnapari, Kottukachchiya and 50% Boer crossbreds were 3.02, 2.76, 2.23 and 2.69 kg, respectively. Inter se mating of 50% Boer crossbreds did not cause any reduction in the birth weights. Backcrossing the 50% Boer crossbreds to the Boer increased birth weights. Male kids were significantly heavier at birth than the females. The effect of month of birth on birth weights was not significant.

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