Study of a Combined Subsoil Chiseler and Rotary Furrower and its Application in Agricultural Production In Vietnam

Phan Thanh Tinh, Nguyen Van Phat, Le Si Hung


In the mechanization of cane production, it is possible to separately mechanize the land preparation for cane planting. However, in order to increase cane yield and the quality of sugar cane, it is better to carry out integrated mechanization.
From the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the conventional machinery of land preparation for cane planting like moldboard plow, disc plow, subsoil chiseler etc., a simple model has been established. It is composed of an active component (rotary furrower) and a passive component (subsoil chiseler), both are installed on one unit. The prototype can work at a depth of over 40 cm. Initial test results show that the machine developed could help overcome the disadvantages generally encountered with current machinery for preparing soil and making furrow for cane planting. Optimum parameters of the rotary furrower have been determined: the rotary speed 380-400 RPM, rotary drum diameter from 550-600 mm, forward velocity of the tractor from 0.75-1.05 m/s.

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