Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Sunflower Seed Yield and Other Agronomic Characters

Gh. Nor-Mohammadi, B. Ehdaie


The purpose of this experiment was to examine the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus mineral fertilizer on sunflower seed yield. l00-Kernel weight, percent oil content, and percent protein content. The levels of fertilization applied (Kg/ha) were: N_0 = 0, N_1 = 150, N_2 = 300, N_3 = 450, P_0 = 0, P_1 = 75, P_2 = 150, P_3 = 225. A factorial design with 5 blocks was used. Sunflower variety employed was Vniimk 8931. One half of N and all of P fertilizer were applied when plants were at four-leaf stage. The second half of N was applied when heading stage started.
Highly significant differences were found between different levels of N for seed yield. Effects of different doses of P and interaction effect of N X P were not significant for seed yield.
Significant differences were observed between N levels and between P levels for 100-Kernel weight. Interaction effect of N X P was not significant for this trait.
Main effects of N and P and their interaction were significant for both percent oil and percent protein content.
It was concluded that lower and moderate levels of N had considerably greater effect on seed yield, regardless of the applied amount of P fertilizer.
Kernel weight was increased at higher levels and moderate level of N and P fertilizer, respectively.
In general, percent oil content was negatively and percent protein content was positively related to the amount of N fertilizer applied. However, the maximum oil content and protein content were obtained at N_1P_0 and N_3P_2 respectively.

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