Effects of Antibacterial Antibiotics on the Sporulation of Seedborne Trichoconis Padwickii Ganguly by Blotter Testing Technique

Chukwunyeaka Iloba


Laboratory investigations were carried out aimed at establishing bacterial antagonism against seed-borne Trichoconis padwickii Ganguly by blotter method. Eight samples of rice seeds were used. The moisture levels investigated were the standard moisture level (ISTA 1966), 12 millilitres (both of which were from tap water), 12 ml of 100 ppm of Streptomycin sulphate and another 12 ml of 100 ppm of Oxytetracycline hydrochloride.
There was clear difference both in terms of infection percentage and infection intensity between the treated and untreated substrates. This difference was also evident even between the untreated varieties as well as between the two substrates with antibacterial antibiotics. Though both treated substrates had higher infection counts and disease intensity than the untreated substrates, ist was doubtful whether bacterial antagonism against T. padwickii could be sufficiently established. The mere fact that standard moisture had a lower infection count of 47.3 % than the saturated moisture level with an infection percentage of 50.1 negates the possibility of bacterial antagonism against the fungus.

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