Effects of Meloidogyne javanica javanica and Rhizoctonia solani alone and in combination on Soybean in Ferrallitic Soils of Eastern Nigeria

C.M. Agu, R.O. Ogbuji


Soybean cultivar, Samsoy-l was exposed to Rhizoctonia solani. and Meloidogyne javanica alone and in combination in three ferrallitic soils: Nsukka, Aba and Awka soils of eastern Nigeria. Separate effects of these two pathogens on the soybean were stronger in Nsukka than in Aba and Awka soils. In concomitant infection, the effect of R.solani on the soybean was increased in all the soils. Fresh root weights of soybean plants infected with M. javanica alone was greater than those infected with R. solani alone and R. solani plus M. javanica and the uninoculated control. The least fresh shoot and pod weights and plant height occurred in plants which had concomitant infection.

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