Effect of Different Drying Methods on the Nutritional Composition of Aonla Fruit (Emblica Officinalis Garten)

S. Dahiya Pragati, S.S. Dhawan


Aonla (Em blica Officinalis Garten) var. Chakaiya was taken to evaluate the changes in nutritional quality of fruits dried by using four different methods of dehydration viz., solar drying (direct), solar drying (indirect), hot air oven drying and osmo-air drying. Ripe aonla fruits were blanched in boiling water for 10 minutes and then soaked in O.l per cent potassium metabisulphite solution for 10 minutes. After removing the pits, the pieces were dried in direct and indirect heating models, hot-air oven and by osmo·air drying method till no further moisture loss occurred. The drying was accomplished in 3 days each in hot-air oven drying and osmo-air drying method whereas it look 6 and 11 days respectively in direct and indirect heating models. The recovery of fruit was maximum in osmo-air drying method. The total ascorbic acid, total sugar and reducing sugar content of osmo-air dried aonla were maximum and the tannin content and browning were lowest. Indirect solar drying method was found to be comparatively better than direct solar drying method for dehydration of aonla fruit.

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